Since 2012, Nout Van Den Neste has been writing Dutch articles for the Belgian cultural magazine Enola. He mainly focuses on cd reviews of new releases, but has also written some longer feature articles and is specialised in indie-rock, Americana, folk and roots. In 2013, he also wrote a couple of articles as a guest blogger for Blofblog, a blog on the Dutch rock band BLØF by the band’s official biographer Ernst Jan Rozendaal: De droom en het verlangen in “Omarm” van BLOF en Een schaduw in de schemering: de droom in het werk van Gorki.

Below you’ll find a complete list of his writings for Enola since the beginning categorized per year. Because to read all of them, might steal a bit too much of your time, here is a varied selection of some of his articles, both cd reviews and features. If you don’t understand Dutch but still want to grasp the gist of these articles, the best thing is to let the internet translate it for you even though hopefully an English translation of some of these articles (especially the long reads and features) should appear here sooner or later.

A small selection of articles:

A couple of features and long reads:–souvlaki-1993

About The Band:

A handful of reviews:–universal-themes–ruins–stranger-to-stranger–modern-country


A complete overview


2016 (as a contributor)–cross-the-verge–the-bride–caselangveirs–modern-country–stranger-to-stranger–minor-victories–sings-favorites–will–love-letter-for-fire (as a contributor) (as a contributor)

2015 (as collaborator)–many-moons–nmn–universal-themes–the-travelling-kind (as collaborator)

2014–ruins–soused–live-at-biko-–invisible-hour–souvlaki-1993 (as a collaborator)

2013–nobody-knows%E2%80%9D–mark-kozelek-a-desertshore–the-dusted-sessions–live (as a contributor)–mosquito–american-kid (as a contributor)–perils-from-the-sea–ghost-on-ghost–in-the-tigers-bed–like-rats–forever-endeavour–news-from-nowhere–the-island-come-true