In 2015, Nout Van Den Neste started the culinary blog Lisbom, together with Nora Goerne, a blog with authentic, honest gastronomic reviews focusing on the culinary scene in Lisbon, always with an eye for the economical and social context of the city. He writes mostly about smaller restaurants and writes these articles in English in order to reach as wide an audience as possible (both tourists and locals) with the humble hope to bring about a small change in the way that people eat and travel. Here’s a small selection of what he’s been writing so far.

THE MILL: How to gentrify your cafĂ© in ten easy steps

CARINHO DO VINHO 2.0: Sparks still flying

GAYOLA: Wonderful meat at the end of every rainbow

CANTINA LX: A hooker in a mink coat

PACHAMAMA: A real biohazard