The second landscape was always on the move,
a shy animal that could never be traced.
I only caught glimpses of its back, never managed to
map it out entirely from the seat of a green Peugeot car.
Its contours were vague, as if seen through a kaleidoscope,
the headlights from the highway that fragmented,
showered the black leather in flashes,
the trees on the side of the road
one early summer afternoon on the way
to my favorite roller coaster exist

side by side with me, years later
in that same landscape riding a bicycle
I was old enough for
across peacefully tame front lawns
and no matter how far it felt like you were, it was
always row upon row of houses
hiding behind
every curve.

The cola bottle factories, the caged, abandoned
parking lots at night, driving over a bridge crossing
rolling farmland where another road cuts through:
nowhere could you enter the landscape, walk it,
map it, get a view of any trails,
animal paths, a natural pace.

Every trace of it had faded. Nowhere could you see
further than the next village, the next
street or rows of houses,
nowhere other than the place
where you were
riding away from yourself

Foto van Nora Goerne

Uit: Walking The Horizon (2017).

In 2017, werd het Engelstalige boekje Walking The Horizon zelf uitgegeven in gelimiteerde oplage. Het bevatte negen gedichten die speciaal werden geschreven voor een fotoserie van Nora Goerne en die ook in het boekje zijn opgenomen. Als u geïnteresseerd bent om het boekje te kopen, neemt u het beste contact op. Aangezien dit boekje een internationale uitgave is, zijn er (nog) geen vertalingen van de gedichten. Wanneer daar verandering in komt, leest u dat hier.

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