Nout Van Den Neste is a writer, music journalist, gastronomic blogger and poet. He was born in 1986 in Bruges, Belgium and writes, depending on the topic both in English and in Dutch. He has left his home country in 2010 for Lisbon, Portugal where he currently works and lives.

His first non-fiction book Vida Triste: Slauerhoff en de fado was published in 2014. It was a Dutch adaptation of his English Master thesis on the Dutch writer, novelist and poet J.J. Slauerhoff (1898-1936) and his relationship with Portugal and the fado, the local folk music of Lisbon, of his time. Currently though, he’s mainly focusing on his articles as a music and gastronomy journalist.

Since 2012, he has been a music writer, writing mainly for the online Belgian cultural magazine Enola written in the Dutch (Flemish) language. He mainly covers indie-rock, Americana and folk music in both shorter album reviews as well as a number of long reads and feature articles. In 2013, he also wrote a couple of articles as a guest blogger for Blofblog, a blog on the Dutch rock band BLØF by the band’s official biographer Ernst Jan Rozendaal.

Aside from music, his other great passion in life is food and writing about it as a culinary journalist. Since 2015, he merged his passion for writing with food when he co-founded the gastronomic blog Lisbom together with Nora Goerne, who is responsible for the photography. Their articles cover smaller restaurants in the area of Lisbon featuring non-sponsored, honest, old school gastronomic reviews, describing the good, the bad and the ugly. They also organize living room dinners, food tours through Lisbon and cooking workshops.

An avid reader and lover of poetry and inspired by the works of distinct writers from John Berger to Joanne Kryger and W.S. Merwin, he self-published the booklet Walking the Horizon in 2017. It consisted of nine poems specifically written for a series of photographs by Nora Goerne, thematically focusing on themes such as distance, longing and traveling. This collaboration has also led to a range of exhibitions throughout Lisbon.

Besides that, he is also a teacher of Dutch to adults (NT2) since 2011. He also likes to integrate literature in his classes and was especially fond of the classes he taught during a weeklong summer course in Barcelona in 2014, themed around Dutch literature, dialects and music. He proudly calls himself a polyglot, as he speaks over five different languages and likes to devote whatever time he has left to adding another language or two to the list.